Knack Baby Sign Language

A Step-By-Step Guide To Communicating With Your Little One

Book Description

Few children can communicate effectively before eighteen months of age, but sign language can allow baby and parent to reduce the frustration up to a year earlier. With more than 450 full-color photos, text, and sidebars, Knack Baby Sign Language provides a user-friendly, efficient method to learn and teach a baby sign language. Organized by age, it provides signs appropriate to use with babies, with toddlers, and with older children for whom signing with games, songs, and rhymes is enriching. The signs can also be used with special needs children and those with delayed communication abilities.

About Chafin, Suzie

Suzie Chafin was born hearing to two profoundly deaf parents, Margie and John Coggins-Peckham who met at Galludet University, a hearing impaired college for the deaf in Washington, D.C. Truly bi-lingual and bi-cultural, Suzie understands the Deaf community and culture as one who actively lived and breathed this world. Translating from an early age, American Sign Language was Suzie's first language giving her a breadth of understanding of this complex language and community.

Photographer John Grindstaff is former chair of the art department at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC and currently a professor of photography at this renowned university for the deaf. He regularly exhibits his woork at galleries in Washington, DC. As a student he completed an internship with renowned portrait photographer Annie Liebovitz.