Knack Dog Tricks

A Step-By-Step Guide To Teaching Your Pet To Sit, Catch, Fetch, & Impress

Book Description

Whether one has a difficult dog or a charm-school puppy, part of the fun is how much a pup wants to play. With Knack Dog Tricks in hand, anyone can teach a dog a new set of tricks. Featuring 450 step-by-step, full-color photos, the book first establishes training basics, and then shows how to enhance core training sessions with classic tricks such as “shake hands” and “roll over.” And it covers advanced obedience games; agility training; jumping, retrieving, and digging tricks; flashy frisbee tricks—and useful tricks such as finding the remote, retrieving the newspaper, and cornering the cat.

About Macdonald, Carina

Carina MacDonald is the author of Knack Dog Care & Training and the award-winning Raw Dog Food: Make It Easy for You and Your Dog. She owns a pet-sitting business that caters primarily to dogs and she trains dogs in agility and obedience.
Stephen Gorman is a photographer and writer whose photo-essay books include Northeastern Wilds. His work has also appeared in Knack Dog Care & Training, Knack Car Camping, and Knack Canoeing for Everyone, and in such magazines as Outside and Audubon.
Eli Burakian is a freelance photographer whose work has appeared in Knack Dog Care & Training.