Knack Weight Training for Women

Step-By-Step Exercises For Weight Loss, Body Shaping, And Good Health

Book Description

Weight training is today recognized as a key part of a well-rounded health and fitness program not only for men but also for women, and this book provides a clear and easy-to-follow visual understanding of all the essential principles. Covering both home programs and gym routines, it combines photos of exercises with anatomical illustrations depicting where muscles are, how they work, and why strengthening them will yield results—whether that means more shapely arms and legs, or an overall slimmer profile.

About Garcia, Leah

Leah Garcia is the founder, president and creative director of Naturally Caffeinated®, Inc. (, a Boulder, Colorado, firm that produces health and wellness lifestyle programming for corporations and video-on-demand entertainment technology suppliers. She is the creator and executive producer of Leah Garcia Fitness®, Custom In-Room Workouts, which debuted in April, 2004, throughout national hotel-room, on-demand TV systems. The routines were specifically designed to meet the needs of global business and leisure travelers who are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the go.

Leah received an International Sports Science Association personal trainer certification in 1998 which she put into practice as a professional fitness trainer for a decade, after a career as an elite, professional mountain bike racer. She competed in the USA and Europe for seven years, qualifying for the World Championships three years consecutively. Leah holds the 1996 North American Championship Title. She remains the only American woman to compete and podium at the Mountain Bike Tour de France. Leah remained internationally ranked throughout her career. During her time racing in Spain, Leah wrote articles for Spanish mountain bike magazines.

Jennifer L. Brindisi, B.S., M.A. , technical reviewer, is a Health Fitness Instructor and Exercise Test Technologist certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. She works as exercise physiologist at the University of Connecticut Health Center.