Knack Chess for Everyone

A Step-By-Step Guide To Rules, Moves & Winning Strategies

Book Description

Chess is a refreshing pastime for most players, and an all-encompassing obsession for a few. And yet much of chess literature—heavy on notation, low on useful illustrations, frustrating for the beginner—is directed at those already in the know. Knack Chess for Everyone provides an alternative: a clear, understandable, and fun entry into chess that doesn’t ignore the complexities and challenges. Photographs of actual game boards, often paired with a diagram, represent the perspective of the player looking at the pieces. The book clearly explains the rules of play and movement of pieces, and then gradually introduces various tactics and strategies.


About Lawrence, Al

Al Lawrence is the author of more than a dozen books on chess, science and writing. He is a regular contributor to Chess Life magazine as well as to the World Book Yearbook encyclopedia. Executive director of the United States Chess Federation during a decade of innovation and record-breaking growth, he went on to serve as the first executive director of the World Chess Hall of Fame. A former public school educator and university teacher of writing with advanced degrees in instructional techniques, he is especially interested in applying modern teaching theory to chess and other popular subjects. Lawrence was selected as Chess Journalist of the Year for 2000 by the Chess Journalists of America and continues to win awards for his writing.

Lawrence has had a parallel career in electronics, serving as a vice president of Excalibur Electronics and as CEO of StarFinder, Inc., a company that developed Night Navigator, a product that quickly teaches amateur stargazers the night sky. Night Navigator has been featured internationally in magazines and on television.

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