Knack Clean Home, Green Home

The Complete Illustrated Guide To Eco-Friendly Homekeeping

Book Description

Cleaning your home without using harsh toxic chemicals is rapidly becoming the new standard. Knack Clean Home, Green Home is the first visual guide that shows you all the best ideas for efficiently and safely cleaning your home. Green is an aesthetic choice as well, and you'll find out about all the good odors that accompany the germ-free surfaces of a clean green home, without the unhealthy chemical presence.

In this well-organized and fully illustrated book, the author explains cogently what you really need to do to get rid of germs. You'll find recipes for homemade cleaning products as well as guidance on reading labels so you can recognize what's good and what's not. Knack Clean Home, Green Home is a one-stop shop for information on green homekeeping.

Key features of Knack Clean Home, Green Home

  • Room-by-room advice
  • Recipes for homemade cleaning products
  • Decodes product ingredients: what's good, what's not
  • Dovetails with consumer trend toward “green” as the preferred choice

    Get the Knack!

    • Visually organized format makes information easier-than-ever to find
    • 475 color photos to simplify the techniques
    • Big book, layflat binding, clear instructions
    • Big Resource chapter with useful websites

    About Delaney, Kim

    Kimberly Delaney has the knack! A freelance writer for numerous magazines who also coauthors and edits books, she maintains a blog, “A Greener Shade of Clean,” on She lives in Santa Cruz, California, with her husband and baby daughter.