Create the Space You Deserve

An Artistic Journey To Expressing Yourself Through Your Home

Book Description

"Settling for just any roof over my head was not a choice." —Jill Butler

Successful and talented artist, illustrator, designer, businesswoman, and author Jill Butler uses her bold and captivating artwork, along with stunning photography of her nothing-special-turned-dream-cottage, to inspire readers to do more with their living spaces and in turn more with their lives. Hundreds of decorating tips and ideas are accompanied by mind-maps and other illustrations reflecting the myriad of decisions, emotions, and questions readers will face. Part guide to creating the space you want to live in, part journal to help you reevaluate, reinvent, and revitalize yourself, Create the Space You Deserve is a launching pad to access your creative self and express your personality onto your living space.

About Butler, Jill

Artist/author Jill Butler is the creator of a highly successful tabletop product line ( and founder of the York Butler Fund ( She also runs creativity workshops from her studio in Chester, Connecticut.