Enzan The Far Mountain

A Connor Burke Martial Arts Thriller

Book Description

WINNER: GOLD — MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE — Benjamin Franklin Book Awards 2015

WINNER: RUNNER UP — FICTION — Eric Hoffer Book Awards 2015


Chie Miyazaki is wild and spoiled—the pampered child of a cadet line of the imperial House of Japan. When she disappears in the United States accompanied by a slick Korean boyfriend, it sets off alarm bells among people in Japan's security apparatus.

The Japanese want the problem solved quietly. They seek out Connor Burke, prize student of the master martial arts sensei Yamashita. Burke suspects that he's being used, but he accepts the assignment out of honor for his revered sensei.

A covert search and rescue operation turns into a confrontation with a North Korean sleeper cell, and Burke finally discovers the secret that drove Yamshita from Japan so many years ago and the power behind the decades-old connections that pull Yamashita back into danger in the service of the imperial family.

About Donohue, John

John Donohue, is an expert on the study of the martial arts. He is the author of ten books, including the award-winning Connor Burke martial arts thrillers Sensei, Deshi, Tengu, and Kage. He holds a Ph.D. in anthropology, researches and trains in the martial arts, and has been banging around the dojo for more than thirty years. John Donohue, resides near New Haven, Connecticut.