Optimal Parenting

Using Natural Learning Rhythms to Nurture the Whole Child

Book Description

Optimal Parenting shows you how to use Natural Learning Rhythms—a comprehensive, thoroughly researched, easy-to-understand system of child development and family dynamics—to create environments for optimal well-being. This parenting approach addresses the emotional, physical, and spiritual development of the whole child. Inspired by the force that resides in each of us, Natural Learning Rhythms is a practical, yet transformative, vision that promotes greater depth and meaning in family relationships and helps children communicate with the adults in their lives.

This book guides parents to create well-being at all stages of their children's lives. Combining compelling insights with practical applications and based on 25 years of experience, Natural Learning Rhythms is poised to be the parenting style for cultural creatives.

Optimal Parenting fills a void in parenting books by focusing on well-being, relationship, and nurturing the whole child. It will appeal to anyone devoted to helping his or her children fulfill their potential, parents who want to be on the same “parenting page,” and families who desire the strengths and skills to face life’s challenges together.

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