Sixty-Plus and Fit Again

Book Description

*2015 Reissue of the 1977 classic*

Sixty-Plus and Fit Again is based on an exercise program developed and conducted by Magda Rosenberg for senior citizens. The step-by-step routines have been specifically designed to enable the older person to remain agile and alert, capable of performing everyday tasks. The basic program includes exercises that improve breathing, allow you to sit and stand with less effort, walk more comfortably, and relax tension and induce sleep. A second and more challenging series of movements stimulate all the muscles of the body, fingers to toes; and an advanced routine meets the needs of those older men and women who are well-conditioned.

Throughout the book are actual stories of the marvelous physical transformations Magda Rosenberg has witnessed in the older people who attend her classes. She has seen thousands of men and women develop a new interest in living; people in their seventies, eighties and, even nineties. "Exercise," she writes, "is not a total answer...but with it, you can out walk, out live and out enjoy those who don't exercise." It is a small investment for such a rich return.

About Rosenberg, Magda

Magda Rosenberg is now in her fourth decade conducting physical fitness classes. She continues her service as a consultant for government agencies, senior citizen groups and adult education programs. Born and educated in Europe, she lives in New York where she has raised four children and now dotes on five grandchildren.