Complete Detective

The Life and Strange and Exciting Cases of Raymond Schindler, Master Detective

Book Description

To anyone who has followed his career, Ray Schindler was the greatest detective of the mid-twentieth century. He was a pioneer in scientific detection before modern forensic science, and he handled more than 10,000 cases covering almost every crime recorded on the police blotter.

Rupert Hughes acts as a faithful Dr. Watson to Schindler’s Holmes, and guides us from case to case, watching a man who can’t be excited, can’t be stampeded , and can’t be frightened; a man who matches ingenuity of crime with an even greater mental resourcefulness; a man who has a dogged determination and a big fighting heart.

Ray Schindler’s biography is the story of a great investigator, of a life that is packed with exciting adventures, and of criminals who are outwitted, out-fought, and defeated. Mere fictional detective stories pale in comparison to the real life drama inherent in every one of Ray Schindler’s cases.

About Hughes, Rupert

Rupert Hughes was an American novelist, film director, Oscar-nominated screenwriter, military officer, and music composer. He is best known for his three-part biography of George Washington: George Washington: The Human Being and the Hero, George Washington: The Rebel and the Patriot, and George Washington: Savior of the States.