Animal Wonder World

A Chronicle of the Unusual in Nature

Book Description

This is a charming series of essays on animal behavior, written in 1951 by the note British science writer Frank W. Lane, reveals obscure and fascinating oddities of animal behavior. The clear, logical explanation behind each bizarre happening grounds the observations in scientific research, and provides modern readers insight on mid-century scientific field methodology.

Here are some of the cases featured in this fantastic compilation: Do bees tell time and tell each other of honey locations? Can game animals dodge bullets? Have fish an ear for music? Do birds hitch hike on each other’s backs? These questions and thousands of others are answered with scientific proof.

Natural history fans, history of science buffs, and explorers of nature will find hours of fascinating reading within. A true mine of conversational material and arbiter of game controversies!

About Lane, Frank W.

Frank W. Lane was a leading British writer of natural wonders. He is also author of The Elements Rage, Kingdom of the Octopus, and The Violent Earth.