Wolves of the Chaparral

Book Description

Barry Weston loves Barbara Dawn, whose father’s ranch, the Cinchbuckle, is one of the largest in the West. When Steve Moley, a philanderer and the son of the Judge Moley, begins paying attention to her, Barry takes a stand and warns Steve away from the innocent Barbara. Steve doesn’t take kindly to Barry’s meddlin’, and the two begin a scuffle that ends with Barry giving Steve a taste of some lead medicine. Barry knows he can’t expect justice after shooting the son of Judge Moley, and goes into hiding on the plains, wanted by both posses and outlaws.

Barry’s exile transforms him from a wild, gangly kid into an upstanding, broad-shouldered man. Upon his return to his hometown, he finds the family ranch run-down and dilapidated and Judge Moley buying up all the spreads in the valley. Barry yearns to right all the wrongs that have been committed in his absence, but he must test the mettle of his skills against the money and machinations of the Moleys.

About Lehman, Paul Evan

Paul Evan Lehman wrote more than 50 westerns over the course of his career. Two of his westerns were turned into the movies The Idaho Kid and Gunsmoke.