Don't Ask Me If I Love

Book Description

Don’t Ask Me If I Love is the story of a young man who hates war, but serves faithfully in his country’s army. He loves his parents, but can no longer care about the things that are important to them. He is a citizen of a religious state, but questions many of its precepts. In need of someone to give meaning to his life he falls in love with an American girl. He is Assaf Ryke—one of the new Israelis of the 1960s.

Moving from a discotheque in Jerusalem to the beach at Caesarea, from a shabby flat in Tel Aviv to an apartment in London,
Don’t Ask Me If I Love is a novel of love and alienation in a country not normally associated with the generation gap.

About Kollek, Amos

Amos Kollek is a native of Israel, and spent his life there, except for the year he spent in Washington, D.C. when his father was Israeli consul. He was discharged from the army in 1968 and studied psychology and philosophy at the Hebrew University.