Getting from Twenty to Thirty

Surviving Your First Decade in the Real World

Book Description

The decade between ages twenty and thirty is one of the most pivotal in our lives. We leave home, we find jobs, we marry. We lose old friends and make new ones. The decisions we face during this time—from where we choose to live to what career we choose to follow—are often made with little more guidance than the advice of a well-meaning (but equally uninformed) friend.

We need experience-based advice and empathetic counsel for dealing with our complex and changing world. That’s what Getting from Twenty to Thirty is all about.

Divided into three sections—Breaking Away, Remaking Your World, and Arriving in One Piece—this invaluable book deals with everyday problems without losing sight of our loftier ideals and more permanent concerns.

At a time when money is tight, jobs scarce, and our expectations those of a more privileged era, here is sound economic, social and psychological help for a new generation.

About Edelhart, Mike

Mike Edelhart is the author of several books, including College Knowledge and Breaking Through the Job Barrier. He lives with his wife and three children in New York City.