Lose That Baby Fat!

Bouncing Back the First Year after Having a Baby--A Mom Friendly Fitness Program

Book Description

Lose That Baby Fat! is a reality-based fitness program and practical guide for the average woman who is trying to shed unwanted pounds the first year after having a baby. Written in a comprehensive, month-by-month format, Lose That Baby Fat! will provide new moms with a series of fitness benchmarks for the entire first year postpartum. Each chapter begins with a detailed list informing Mom of what she can expect her body to look and feel like each month and also includes several 10-minute workouts, each highlighting a different body part, that even the busiest new mom can fit into her schedule. The exercises are also designed so that they can be varied in intensity and duration as Mom gains strength, flexibility, and endurance after the arrival of her little one.

About Chabut, LaReine

LaReine Chabut is an internationally-known fitness model, actress, and writer. Certified as an aerobics instructor, personal trainer, and Pilates instructor, Chabut is the lead Instructor for The Firm, a series of popular workout videos. She is also the author of Exercise Balls for Dummies. Chabut has graced the covers of Shape, Health, New Body, and Runner's World, and has been featured in Allure, People, Newsweek, and Glamour. Chabut lives in Southern California.