The New England Image


Book Description

For those who love New England, here is a matchless portrait by one of its most distinguished artists and observant admirers. Samuel Chamberlain photographed New England for more than forty years, examining it from every angle and capturing its unique spirit and enduring character with the lens of his camera. The image Mr. Chamberlain presents here is a distillation of his finest photographs of New England. From tall church spires rising above village greens to white farmhouses, secluded beaches, and historic harbors, Chamberlain reveals the secret of New England’s enduring beauty, strength, and pride.

About Chamberlain, Samuel

During his lifetime Samuel Chamberlain was widely respected for his work as a printmaker, artist, photographer, and writer. He was a member of the esteemed National Academy of Design, the American Institute of Architects, and other prestigious societies in America and Europe. He died in 1975.