The Adventures of James Capen Adams

Mountaineer and Grizzly Bear Hunter of California

Book Description

This is the story of James Capen Adams, a mountain man born in 1807 who brought grizzlies to the city of San Francisco, and then New York, for exhibition. But Adams was not simply a showman; he had a deeper connection with the animals. While living in the mountains with the grizzlies, he tamed and trained them. He was even able to use the great bears as willing pack animals. After his return to the city, he lived amongst his animals and slept on a buffalo robe or bear-skin, many times in the very exhibit hall in which he held his shows. In The Adventures of James Capen Adams, Theodore H. Hittell provides us with the transcription of this fascinating mountain man’s first-hand account of his wild life and times.

About Hittell, Theodore H.

Theodore H. Hittell worked for the Daily Evening Bulletin of San Francisco during the mid nineteenth century. His writings on James Capen Adams helped popularize Adams’ shows. He also wrote History of California.