Homes and Interiors of Taos, Santa Fe, and the Southwest

Book Description

Southwestern architecture is a blend of sensibilities and technology from three cultures: Native American, Hispanic and Anglo. The traditional styles and adaptations explored in this book maintain definite connection with the past. In over 500 photos and line drawings, the authors present authentic exteriors, fireplaces, doors, walls, floors, stairs, ceiling, tiles, hardware, cabinets, construction details and much more. A vast practical source of ideas and reference for home owners, decorators, architects, builders, students and historians.

About Seth, Sandra

Sandra Seth is a second generation New Mexican who has built more than one hundred adobe fireplaces and has designed and constructed six adobe homes in Taos. Laurel Seth, a native New Mexican, has an interest in our place in the environment that has spanned both a career as an art gallery owner and a world traveler. She has served on the boards of major local and regional arts organizations and is also involved in preservation and conservation.Valerie Graves is a master painter of landscapes and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for Fine Art at the prestigious Taos Invites Taos Show at the Fall Arts Festival. Examples of her work can be found in Landscapes of New Mexico.