Golf Fitness

Play Better, Play Without Pain, Play Longer, and Enjoy the Game More

Book Description

Every golfer, at every level, can shoot lower scores and play injury-free with the golf-specific programs outlined in Golf Fitness. This book looks at the tips and techniques used by today's top golfers: Master's Champion Trevor Immelman's exercise routine, Stuart Appleby on how to develop the "power move," LPGA Tour pro Suzanne Petersen's routine for top performance, Phil Mickelson's trainer Sean Cochran on staying fit in the off-season, and more. Golf Fitness includes exercises to improve the golf swing, details on better warm-ups, whole-body workout routines, and notes on nutrition. The book also looks at the mental game, and how the mind and body can work together for lower scores. Any golfer looking for an edge will find it in Golf Fitness.

About Palacios-Jansen, Karen

Karen Palacios-Jansen is Managing Editor of Golf FitnessMagazine and was voted the 2008-09 LPGA National Teacher of the Year. A regular guest instructor on the Golf Channel's "Golf Academy Live," she lives in Mooresville, NC (Charlotte area).
Golf Fitness Magazine is the premier publication devoted to physical and mental conditioning for golf. GF's editorial offices are in Ococee, FL (Orlando area).