The Civil War Quiz Book

1,600 Questions and Answers to Test Your Knowledge of America's Most Divisive Conflict

Book Description

If you think you know a lot about the Civil War, challenge yourself with this instructive and intriguing book of questions. Covering every battle of the war, commanders and ordinary soldiers, weapons, and armies, this book will test the knowledge of even the most dedicated history buff. Degrees of difficulty range from elementary to questions that even the author had difficulty figuring out, and everything in between: What position did Confederate President Jefferson Davis hold in the federal government prior to the Civil War? Who was the first reputed casualty at Gettysburg? These and many more provocative questions will sharpen the knowledge of Civil enthusiasts everywhere.

About Magner, Blake A.

Blake A. Magner is a Navy veteran and owner of C.W. Historicals, LLC, a historical consulting firm that specializes in Civil War history. He lives in Haddon Township, New Jersey.