Tales of the Seven Seas

The Escapades of Captain Dynamite Johnny O'Brien

Book Description

Captain Dynamite Johnny O'Brien sailed the seven seas for over sixty years, from the late 1860s in India until the early 1930s on the U.S. West Coast. He sailed every type of ship imaginable, but this book is more than the story of Captain O'Brien's incredible feats. It tells of sailing over the oceans from the nineteenth to the twentieth centuries, when danger and adventure coexisted every day. The reader will smell the salt in the air and hear the ocean's rush as the ship sails with hardened men, leaking seams, and shrieking winds. Based on the original journals of Captain O'Brien, the stories are about tough times and courageous men in distant places, from the Hawaiian Islands to the Bering Sea, from the waning days of the age of sail to the dawning of the age of steam.

About Powers, Dennis M.

Before turning his attentions to writing, Dennis M. Powers was a full-time attorney specializing in business law. He is the author of ten books, including his most recent on a maritime disaster: The Raging Sea, Treasure Ship, Sentinel of the Seas, and Taking the Sea. Dennis Powers has been featured on Hard Copy, Extra!, CNN, NPR, USA Today, The O'Reilly Factor, and other shows. He lives in Ashland, Oregon; more information about the author is available at his website: dennispowersbooks.com.