Someone's Daughter

In Search of Justice for Jane Doe

Book Description

In 1954, two college students were hiking along a creek outside of Boulder, Colorado, when they stumbled upon the body of a murdered young woman. Who was this woman? What had happened to her? The initial investigation turned up nothing, and the girl was buried in a local cemetery with a gravestone that read, "Jane Doe, April 1954, Age About 20 Years."

Decades later, historian Silvia Pettem formed a partnership with law enforcement and forensic experts and set in motion the events that led to Jane Doe's exhumation and eventual identification, as well as the identity of her probable killer. The new Kindle version includes an Epilogue––with updated information on how the mystery finally was solved.

About Pettem, Silvia

As a researcher and the author of a dozen books, Silvia Pettem spends most of her time poking around dusty old archives. Silvia has two grown daughters and four grandchildren. She and her husband live near Boulder, CO.