How to Master the Inner Game of Golf

Book Description

Intended as a supplement to her popular book How to Master a Great Golf Swing, this motivational book emphasizes how golfers themselves contribute to and impact the game they are already playing. The seemingly unexplainable experience of having played "in the zone"—a round of golf where someone played far beyond their own expectations—is attributable to a crystallization of knowledge and technique, Lupo contends, along with a positive attitude toward the sport's challenges. The author further describes how golfers can help themselves by recognizing and dealing with problems in their games, such as balance and coordination. Finally, Lupo addresses personality and character issues that can stand in the way of achieving perfection on the links.

About Lupo, Maxine Van Evera

Maxine Van Evera Lupo has won twenty club championships as an amateur and has competed in the U.S, Women's Open. Formerly a teaching professional at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club and a faculty member at the San Diego Golf Academy, she lives in Ramona, California.

Dom Lupo is a highly acclaimed golf illustrator. His work has appeared in numerous leading golf periodicals and books.