The Story of the U.S. Army Rangers

Book Description

From the eighteenth century to the twenty-first, the United States Army Rangers have been the elite group of men with specialized training capable of leading the way during America's most troubled times. Their missions are fraught with danger and awesome responsibility, and only exceptional leadership skills will suffice.

In The Glory Guys, Mona D. Sizer brings us stories of the courageous Ranger Officers, whose names became associated forever with the men they commanded. From the French and Indian War to Iraq and Afghanistan, these brave men have led the way in war after war united by comradeship, patriotism, and pride.

Read about Robert Rogers, American colonial frontiersman, commander of the infamous Rogers' Rangers, and the creator of the legendary "Rules of Ranging" which are still followed by the U.S. Army Rangers today. Join the "Gray Ghost" John S. Mosby as he takes command of the 43rd Battalion, 1st Virginia Cavalry in 1863. Learn about the Ranger Training School as it exists today, as told by Robert L. Pickett, Lieutenant Colonel U. S. Army (Ret.). Read about Rangers throughout the centuries as they confront their duty: scouting and leading the way onto the field of action, creating havoc behind the lines, and thwarting the enemy's plans—in short, acting in every way possible to keep the enemy from waging war effectively.

About Sizer, Mona D.

Mona D. Sizer has published over twenty books in addition to five for Republic of Texas Press including The King Ranch Story, now in its third printing. Her work has been translated into several languages, three screenplays, and numerous articles, short works of fiction, and poetry. She lives in Harlingen, Texas.