The 1958 NFL Championship

Book Description

On December 28, 1958, the New York Giants played the Baltimore Colts at Yankee Stadium for the NFL Championship, the first ever NFL game to go into sudden death overtime. The game was televised nationally, a rarity in 1958, and featured players and coaches whose names are among the most well-known in the legend and lore of football: Frank Gifford, Alan Ameche, Sam Huff, Andy Robustelli, Tom Landry, Johnny Unitas, Rosie Grier, and Alex Webster. For the first edition of the book Klein formed chapters around interviews with twelve prominent players, five of whom have since died. The 50th anniversary edition contains new interviews with players left out of the first edition—Frank Gifford, Art Donovan, and Ray Perkins. As well as a "where are they now?" update on all the players mentioned.

About Klein, Dave

Dave Klein was a sports writer for the Newark Star-Ledger until his retirement in 1996. Only one of four sportswriters to have covered all 41 Super Bowls, he currently operates E-GIANTS, subscription-only newsletter that reaches 2500 recipients. The author of over 20 other books, he lives in Newark, New Jersey.