Strange but True Facts About the Civil War


Book Description

Here in an entertaining illustrated format are hundreds of little-known facts about the always-fascinating Civil War. Did you know...
-A January 1861 plot to assassinate President-elect Abraham Lincoln was thwarted with the helpf of a police chief named...John Kennedy?
-The Confederacy briefly had a program developing rockets?
-Two million dollars in gold bars that disappeared from a Union Army shipment may still be buried in northwestern Pennsylvania?
-The Gettysburg Address was panned as "silly, flat and dish-watery? by the Chicago Times?
These are just a few of the remarkable stories chronicled in Patrick M. Reynolds' educational cartoon strips.

About Reynolds, Patrick M.

Patrick M. Reynolds creates illustrated stories in cartoon form on the history of the U.S. for newspapers, books, television, and magazines, and his strip appears weekly in the Washington Post. He lives in Willow Street, PA, near Lancaster.