How to Master a Great Golf Swing

Fifteen Fundamentals to Build a Great Swing

Book Description

As millions of golfers will attest, mastering a strong, consistent, and accurate golf swing is no easy feat. Yet, as leading golf-swing analyst Maxine Van Evera Lupo shows in this revolutionary book, any golfer, by focusing on the 15 fundamentals and following the step-by-step instruction for each, can master the proper moves and positions that ensure a correct and controlled swing. Using this sequential method of instruction, the author clearly examines each swing part in detail. The golfer can then compare his or her movements with those discussed in the book and depicted in more than 200 line drawings and adjust those components that are not fundamentally correct.
This breakthrough book elimates the endless tips and quick fixes that clutter most instructional golf books. The result is a clear, concise blueprint for understanding the swing's makeup that enables the golfer to achieve a consistently smooth and natural swing.

About Lupo, Maxine Van Evera

Maxine Van Evera Lupo, a retired Class A member of the LPGA Teaching Division in southern California, is a leading golf-swing analyst. As am amateur she has competed in the U.S. Women's Opoen and won 20 club championships. She was formerly a teaching professional at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club and a faculty member of the nearby San Diego Golf Academy. She lives in Ramona, California, near San Diego.