Book Description

Hey, St. Louis Cardinals fans! Get ready to test your knowledge of your favorite team.

The Ultimate St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Challenge is a seven-game World Series of entertainment, each a full nine innings, starting off with rookies and ending with famous Fall Classic events, heroes, and villains. You can keep your own score, earning hits, RBIs, and homers depending on the degree of difficulty of each question. There are over 660 "at bats" and many of the most challenging questions contain clues so that anyone can take a swing at them. This is the ultimate quiz book for the St. Louis Cardinals fan!

About Nemec, David

David Nemec is one of the best-selling baseball writers in the United States. His Great Baseball Feats, Facts, and Firsts has sold over 700,000 copies in various editions, the most recent of which was co-authored with Scott Flatow. Nemec and Flatow have won ten National Trivia Contests sponsored by the Society for American Baseball Research.