Hollywood Confidential

How the Studios Beat the Mob at Their Own Game

Book Description

Hollywood Confidential is the first truly in-depth look at the sexy, humorous, violent, and tragic history of the mob in Hollywood from the 1920s, when Joe Kennedy decided to buy a motion picture company, to the 1980s when the last vestiges of mob influence were revealed through investigations of former Screen Actors Guild President Ronald Reagan and his union backers. The revelations continue into the 1980s when the major studios were no longer important, the independents were on the rise, and it was no longer possible to buy, bribe, or blackmail in a meaningful way. There were deals and bad guys, but the mob as it existed was finished in Hollywood.

About Schwarz, Ted

Ted Schwarz is the author, co-author, or "ghost" of more than 100 books and well over 2,500 articles and short stories. He has been a frequent contributor to such shows as Hard Copy, E!-Entertainment's True Hollywood Mysteries and E!-Entertainment's True Hollywood Stories, the Mug Shots documentaries for Court TV, and numerous others. In all he has made approximately 300 appearances on shows ranging from "Geraldo!" to Pat Robertson's "The 700 Club." He lives in Cleveland.