Hitler's Shadow War

The Holocaust and World War II

Book Description

In Hitler's Shadow War, World War II scholar Donald M. McKale contends that the persecution and murder of the Jews, Slavs, and other groups was Hitler's primary effort during the war, not the conquest of Europe. According to McKale, Hitler and the Nazi leadership used the military campaigns of the war as a cover for a genocidal program that centered on the Final Solution. Hitler continued to commit extensive manpower and materials to this "shadow war" even when Germany was losing the battles of the war's closing years.

About McKale, Donald M.

Donald McKale is the Class of 1941 Memorial Professor of Humanities in the history department at Clemson University and is the author of Hitler: The Survival Myth, The Nazi Party Courts, and War by Revolution: Germany and Great Britain in the Middle East in the Era of WWI. He lives in Clemson, South Carolina.