That's Not in My Science Book

A Compilation of Little-Known Facts

Book Description

The follow-on to the best-selling That's Not in My American History Book explains in everyday language both the ordinary and the bizarre technological marvels that we take for granted and the laws of nature that serve as the baseline for life on earth. Beginning with clear, concise, and entertaining descriptions of the important discoveries that form the basis of our scientific knowledge—-Newtonian mechanics, Einstein's theory of relativity, evolution, and germ theory, to name a few—-the book goes on to tell scientific stories that "are lost between the pages." These include the discovery of the periodic table of elements (and why it matters), the development of miracle drugs such as aspirin and penicillin, the invention of television, the prospects for earthquake prediction, and the genesis of the Internet.
Whether it's a fascinating anecdote about the role of zebrafish as stand-in patients for humans or the history of the computer, That's Not in My Science Book will prove to be an engaging read for armchair scientists and students alike.

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