Exploring Texas History

Weekend Adventures

Book Description

Combining fascinating stories of Texas history with travel adventures around the state, Exploring Texas History: Weekend Adventures suggests where to go and what to see by tracking historical characters and events. The travel destinations echo the settlement of Texas, the battle for independence, the Alamo, cowboys, vacqueros, Buffalo Soldiers, shipwrecks, and cattle drives. Each chapter includes history, travel routes, best sights, best times to visit, lodging, dining, and sources for additional information. Families, visitors, travelers with a love of history, and teachers and students studying the required curriculum of the fourth grade in Texas schools will find this guide practical and user friendly.

About Galit, Elaine L.

Elaine L. Galit and Vikk Simmons are co-authors of Exploring Houston with Children (2001) and Exploring the Arts and Culture of Houston with Children (2005), travel and resource guides for parents, teachers, homeschoolers and community leaders. They were named July Authors of the Month in 2001 by the Houston area Barnes and Noble and Bookstop Bookstores. They appeared on the local NBC-TV affiliate's Sunday Morning Show and were featured in many radio and print interviews. In 2002 the Fort Bend Literacy League named them among the featured authors at the annual Fort Bend Book & Author Dinner. Both have worked in the book industry as former event and promotion coordinators: Galit worked for the independent bookstore Blue Willow Bookshop and Simmons as a Community Relations Coordinator (CRC) for Borders Books. They share a passion for history and travel.