Frank Sinatra


Book Description

Frank Sinatra is an international icon who continues to hold endless fascination for millions of fans. In this authoritative biography, John Frayn Turner examines every aspect of Ol' Blue Eyes' charisma, character, life, loves, failings, and fame. Fresh and objective-and not obsessed with mafia allegations-it is a book about Sinatra the good guy as well as the bad. From his humble beginnings in working class Hoboken, to his start in the business singing with Harry James and Tommy Dorsey, through the scandals, the loves, the music and the movies, Frank Sinatra looks closely at Sinatra the singer, actor, philanthropist, and man-a three-dimensional view of a complex genius.

About Turner, John Frayn

John Frayn Turner was born in Portsmouth, England, and served in the British Royal Navy during the 1940s. He is the internationally known author of twenty-seven books and has been closely associated with all the arts. He was managing editor of five prestige arts magazines-Art & Artists; Dance & Dancers; Films & Filming; Music & Musicians; Plays & Players. Turner was also a critic for the Stage Newspaper, London, and a music reviewer for many years.