When the Wild Calls

Wilderness Reflections from a Sportsman's Notebook

Book Description

Recently anointed "the master of the short outdoor essay" by no less than Gray's Sporting Journal, Jack Kulpa picks up where his award-winning book True North leaves off, somewhere in the Wisconsin woods where "the calling is a simple and uncomplicated thing; but like the mists of a brooding bog it can also be a riddle—cryptic deep, and filled with mystery." This new collection, drawn from work that appeared in such magazines as Field and Stream, Sports Afield, and Sporting Classics, contains thirty-two essays organized into four parts: "Lakes and Streams;" "Forests and Fields;" "Tail Feathers and Backlash;" and "Home from the Hill." While the essays address a variety of topics, each is inspired by what the author refers to as "the silent places where we have heard the wild calling."

About Kulpa, Jack

Jack Kulpa is a regular contributor of Field and Stream, Sports Afield and many other magazines. He recently became a contributor to Sprting Classics as a result of his previous book: True North (1-58667-081-6). He has been awarded the Elis Henderson Award for Outdoor Writing for 2002 for True North. It was the first book ever to win the award.