Breaking the Code of Silence

Prominent Leaders Reveal How They Rebounded from Seven Critical Mistakes

Book Description

Leaders-political, corporate, religious-are making mistakes that are far more open to public scrutiny now more than ever before. Challenged by conditions of growing uncertainty and the need to work at lightning speed, errors are not only unavoidable, but also rampant in today's workplace. Based on research and candid interviews with some well-known leaders whose costly blunders have made headlines, this book examines eight common mistakes, debunks myths surrounding mistake recovery, and identifies eight strategies for "rebounding" from near-fatal errors. Using examples from Enron to the Catholic church to Arthur Anderson, the authors provide a how-to for those at the top who suddenly find themselves on the way down.

About Kusy, Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell Kusy is an organizational development consultant and professor in the graduate department of Organizational Learning & Development at the University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis. Dr. Louellen Essex is president of her own leadership development organization, Louellen Essex and Associates.