Tongue Fu! At School

30 Ways to Get Along with Teachers, Principals, Students, and Parents

Book Description

Would you like to learn how to quickly resolve conflicts with students, parents, fellow teachers, principals, coaches, and school board members?

This book is for educators that want to learn real-life responses to situations faced everyday in the classroom, on campus, in the front office, at extra-curricular activities, in staff meetings, PTA meetings, and district meetings.

The author, originator of Tongue Fu! (a trade-marked communication methodology for turning conflict into cooperation), doesn't waste time on theories that have no relevance in the real world. Readers will learn specific dialogue to help them: end arguments by focusing on solutions; persuade others to stop, listen, and see their point of view; handle hassles with humor; communicate with helpful language; keep emotions under control; and turn resentment into rapport so that people have the incentive to get along.

About Horn, Sam

Sam Horn has provided workshops, keynotes, and seminars for more than a half million people. Her impressive client list includes NASA, Young Presidents Organization, the IRS, Hewlett-Packard, and the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force, among many others. Her books include Tongue Fu!, ConZentrate, and What's Holding You Back?. Horn lives in Reston, Virginia.