Newsmen in Khaki

Tales of a World War II Soldier-Correspondent

Book Description

Newsmen in Khaki is a personal memoir about the revered, longstanding armed forces newspaper Stars and Stripes, as told by an Army correspondent and managing editor of editions in North Africa and Sicily during World War II. Whether accompanying bombing missions or parachutists, entertaining a Contessa or visiting a refugee camp, Mitgang offers an innovative and poignant account of his experiences. In addition to his own pieces, Mitgang includes articles by other famous authors in uniform-Irwin Shaw, Klaus Mann, and Bill Brinkley-as well as the voices of many American GIs. Newsmen in Khaki also details the author's post-war career, most notably his long-running stint at the New York Times, where he served as an editor, columnist, book critic, editorial writer, and founder of the Op-Ed page.

About Mitigang, Herbert

Covered national, international, and New York cultural subjects as editorial writer and correspondent for the New York Times. He is author or editor of fifteen books in AMerican history, law, literature, reportage, and fiction. He lives in New York City.