Vale of Tears

A Novel

Book Description

In his inimitable "two track" style of creating a fictional future and flashing back to actual events in recent history, Peter T. King once again places Congressman Sean Cross at the center of international terrorism, this time coming from radical Islam in cahoots with the Irish Republican Army. The "reality-based" track gives a minute-by-minute account of September 11, 2001 and its effect on the cities of New York and Washington, and continues with month-by-month accounts up until September 11, 2002. A leading congressional Republican, King offers keen insight into President Bush's inner circle in the days immediately following the attacks. In King's fictional future New York once again comes under attack, and it falls upon the resourceful Sean Cross to uncover the odd bedfellows that comprise this latest conspiracy to visit terror on American soil.

About King, Peter T.

Peter T. King was recently elected to his sixth term in Congress, where he serves on the Financial Services Committee and the International Relations Committe. Vale of Tears is his third book. He lives in Seaford, Nassau County, New York.