The Great Misdiagnosis

Book Description

The ADHD label had been rampantly overused on children with completely different problems when the controversial first edition of ADHD was praised by practitioners and parents alike as a timely book whose message was long overdue. This new edition includes a complete revision of the chapter on medication, detailing when to use certain drugs and the side effects that can be expected, and including a thorough review and update of older medications. Special problems for teenagers with ADHD are addressed, including sexual relationships, pregnancy, substance abuse, driving, and general teen attitudes. Material has been added to help parents find their way through the legal maze of public education where children are often wrongly first stigmatized with the ADHD label.

About Haber, Julian Stuart

Julian Stuart Haber, M.D. is a practicing pediatrician with Cook Children's Physician Network in Texas. He has served on numerous task forces in the state of Texas and testified before the Senate Working Committee on Education on behalf of the American Academy of Pediatrics. He resides in Ft. Worth, Texas.