Fat Daddy/Fit Daddy

A Man's Guide to Balancing Fitness and Family

Book Description

Simultaneously complacent in the security of a stable, married life and maddeningly preoccupied with the rearing of young children, many men have a tendancy to subordinate their physical well-being to the demands of family. Indeed, study after study has shown that men are more reluctant than women to face up to worrisome symptoms or go to the doctor for check-ups. Fat Daddy is designed to help busy fathers balance fitness and family in an informative, useful, and light-hearted way.
Fat Daddy's simple formula combines an easy-to-follow diet plan, high-intensity "micro" workouts, emphasis on daily activity that gets the blood flowng (like parking farther from the office), family fitness, and male-oriented humor. Filled with lively anecdotes from real-live Fat Daddies, the book will address the fitness fumbles that have become commonplace with today's busy fathers. In Fat Daddy, fathers (and thier partners) will be able to recognize and guard against the usual fitness dilemmas encountered by young fathers, such as eating for two during pregnancy, more trips to the drive-in with the kids, those Saturday morning donut runs, and the all-too frequent (and fatty) business dinners. Throughout Fat Daddy, dads will be coached (using humor, pictures, and facts) on the new rules for fitness, which will come as a stark contrast to their free-eating 20s.
Recurring icons, charts, sidebars, and boxes will keep the reader moving quickly through Fat Daddy's 10 chapters, and its generally positive approach, lively and practical advice, and useful to-do lists will work together to inspire dads to take immediate steps to improve their overall fitness.

About Schwartz, Lawrence

A former fat daddy, Lawrence Schwartz is CEO and founder of Attenza, one of the internet's fastest growing customer service software companies. His column, "Ask Fat Daddy," appears regularly in the Dallas Morning News and is syndicated nationally. He is also the author of The Professional's Guide to Fitness: Staying Fit While Staying on Track (ISBN 0878331611). Schwartz lives in Dallas with his son, Cole, and his daughter, Cameron.