Recruiting Confidential

A Father, a Son, and Big Time College Football

Book Description

What is it like to be a heavily recruited high school football star? James and step-dad Dave learn the ins and outs of the college courting process and share their inside story in Recruiting Confidential. With all the controversy surrounding NCAA compliance breakdowns, booster bribes and big time pressure in coaches and athletic staffs to bring the best of the best to their institution, how do this father/son duo navigate the murky waters of big promises and big expectations? Claerbaut reveals in honest reflection how the schools go about bringing star players to their team, what impressed them and what turned them off to various coaches and campuses. As the journey to a college decision nears, father and son discover a bond that has developed and hopefully will grow as James announces to the world where he will spend his college days—on and off the field.

About Claerbaut, David

David Claerbaut is the author of 10 books, including two Taylor titles:The NBA Abstract andDurocher's Cubs. He resides in Chicago, IL.