Grandeur of the Dooms

Sacred and Profane Adventures of a Modern American Among the English and European Aristocracy

Book Description

Travel with Luke Randolph as he meets the wackiest and most uninhibited collection of characters ever to cut a swath through the exclusive clubs and ancestral homes of the English and European upper classes. Here is a thoroughly modern, sometimes madcap, sometimes serious perspective on the social worlds of thoroughbred racing, bobsledding, foxhunting, and boar stalking, and a lifestyle that, though waning, continues to fascinate us.

Grandeur of the Dooms transports the reader from the creamy shade of Buck's tent at Ascot to the search for a dissolute and dangerous Mexican jockey in a Texas border town; to St. Moritz, Switzerland, where suicidal young bloods run the Cresta on bobsleds; and to Vienna, where a young American triumphs against a five hundred pound boar with hatred and bloodlust in its eyes, only to discover that worse demons are yet to be faced. Here is a world where firelight reflects off polished brass, the Viennese snow squeaks underfoot, and skeet is shot in the drawing room.

About Culbertson, Crispin

Crispin Culbertson was educated at private schools in the South and at Oxford University in England. He has won numerous writing awards, including the fiction and poetry categories of the southern Sesquicentennial Creative Arts Contest and an American Horse Publications national award for fiction. He is an accomplished horseman and has hunted, stalked, and shot extensively in England, Scotland, Austria, Italy, and in the U.S.