The Art Of Travel, The Science Of Rescue

Book Description

Crossing glaciers is a necessary component of many mountain climbs. The ability to travel safely around and over the crevasses -- and rescue yourself in the event of a mishap -- is paramount to an enjoyable climbing experience. Through the use of hundreds of illustrations and photos, this book covers all aspects of glacier travel, including equipment, rope rigging, Prusiking, snow and ice anchors, belay systems, self arrests, and many different forms of crevasse rescue, knots and much, much, more. The authors and illustrator have a combined 60 years of mountaineering experience and outdoor education.

Michael Strong, former National Outdoor Leadership School instructor, has been alpine climbing for over 20 years. He currently directs the Outdoor Pursuits Program at ehe University of Oregon and teaches ice, rock, and alpine climbing as well as courses in mountain rescue, avalanche safely, high angle rescue, and glacier rigging and rescue. Eckehard Doerry has climbed alpine routes in Alaska, the Cascades, the Sierras, and the Rockies and has taught alpine climbing and mountain rescue techniques for numerous outdoor schools. Ryan Ojerio is a professional illustrator and climber.

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