Fishing Soft Baits in Saltwater

Book Description

More and more fishermen are turning to a different style of lure to pursue fish: using soft-plastic imitations that out-fish traditional lures and baits. Fishing this lures takes knowledge and skill to do it right, which Pete Barrett provides in abundance in Fishing Baits in Saltwater. Learn the secrets of trolling, jigging, drifting and casting soft baits for all types of fish, plus rigging techniques, adding colors, skirts, eyes and hooks, rigging plastic bucktails, tube rigs, shrimp, Slug-Go's, shads, offshore techniques, and much more. Chapters on tackle and tips and tricks for the soft-bait angler round out this excellent, practical guide.

About Barrett, Pete

Pete Barrett's most recent book is Trolling for Stripped Bass and Bluefish. A highly regarded expert on saltwater fishing and operator of the charter boat "Linda B" for 25 years, he has written over 900 feature stories for national and regional fishing publications, and recently retired as executive editor of The Fisherman magazine. He lives in Lakewood, New Jersey.