Black Fish

Book Description

Gavin Chance has been a policeman and an Olympic sailor. Now he is a yacht broker, and things are not going smoothly. His crooked partner has disappeared, someone has left a corpse on a stolen trawler, and he needs to identify the perpetrator before he becomes a corpse himself. All his old policing skills are suddenly relevant once more as he finds himself in a struggle for survival.

Sam Llewellyn skillfully combines maritime skullduggery with the elements of a modern thriller and ties it altogether with a ribbon of black humor. He breathes life into the his coastal settings with details that come from a lifetime of sailing experience.

About Llewellyn, Sam

Sam Llewellyn was born on the Isles if Scilly, off the coast of Cornwall, England, and has sailed boats large and small since childhood. He writes columns for Practical Boat Owner and several other sailing magazines. His sea thrillers have been published in twelve languages and have earned him a reputation as a master storyteller.