Tomorrow's Superyachts

Book Description

Catamarans have come a long way from their origins--the double canoes used by Polynesians and Micronesians as far back as the 1700s. The first modern, fast ocean catamaran was built in 1947 in Hawaii, and since then these craft have stretched the limits of speed and luxury for racing and cruising. The largest catamarans have become a phenomenon of naval engineering--the superyacht of tomorrow. Building on his previous book Catamarans: Every Sailor's Guide, Gregor Tarjan analyzes the impact of big ocean racers, the luxury charter environment, and new technologies, on the development of the luxury catamaran.

With a focus on craft 65' or larger, this lavishly illustrated book, with numerous photos by Billy Black, incorporates interviews with naval architects, interior designers, experienced multihull skippers and seasoned ocean racers to paint the big picture of today's luxury performance catamarans and their evolution. The advantages of multihulls versus monohulls are examined.

Readers will discover what building a large catamaran entails, and what considerations are most important in choosing and sailing such a craft, from seaworthiness to aesthetics to practical seamanship and crew training. Tarjan ends with a look at "Future Perspective" on these remarkable vessels.

About Tarjan, Gregor

Gregor Tarjan has performed many dozens of offshore deliveries, multiple transatlantic crossings and has racked up tens of thousands of ocean miles in 35 years of sailing on monohulls and multihulls alike. Gregor, who was involved in the prestigious America's Cup, has crewed under sailing personalities such as Dennis Connor and Yves Parlier on boats ranging from 12 meter class yachts to 120' catamarans. As a merchant marine officer he is a USCG licensed captain and a long standing member of SNAME (Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers).

Gregor is also founder and president of Aeroyacht Ltd., and internationally recognized dealership specializing in cruising multihulls. He actively sails his 31' custom trimaran and lives with his wife and two sons in Long Island, New York.