Song of the Sirens


Book Description

"Song of the Sirens is rich in detail, colorful characters, and poignant insights. It is the story of one man's love affair with the old boats he has owned or chartered. Focusing on his favorites (his 17 sirens), the book explores the fascination man has with the sea and attempts to explain the allure of the vessels he has designed to sail upon her. Like the sirens of Greek mythology who, with enchanting songs, lured by sailors to dash their ships against hidden rocks, Gann's ships are seductresses, tempting and urging him on until he plunges forward into their purchase, unmindful of the dangers that lie ahead. And dangers there are aplenty.

About Gann, Ernest K.

Ernest K. Gann was a sailor, a professional airline pilot, and above all, a writer. Besides Song of the Sirens, his most famous books are Fate is the Hunter, The High and the Mighty, Island in the Sky and In the Company of Eagles. Charles J. Doane, editor of SAIL Magazine, has provided a new introduction for this edition.