Marine Diesel Engines

Maintenance and Repair Manual

Book Description

By means of superb step-by-step photos and detailed diagrams, Jean-Luc Pallas explains in simple terms the operation of a diesel engine, and shows how to maintain it, as well as repair it should it break down.

He explains: the different engine parts and their function, how the engine propels the boat, simple maintenance tasks to keep the engine in good working order, typical problem areas which can lead to breakdown, troubleshooting tables that enable you to diagnose and fix an engine problem, how to efficiently winterize your engine.

This book is an invaluable on-the-spot reference for when things go wrong—don’t go to sea without it!

About Pallas, Jean-Luc

Jean-Luc Pallas is Professor of Recreational Marine Mechanics at La Rochelle Technical College and has always had a passion for boats and the sea. He has raced open ocean Formula 28s, fine-tuned the engines of open 60s and repaired the engines of a vast array of everyday cruising boats. His enthusiasm for passing on his knowledge in the clearest possible way is paramount in this ground-breaking work.