The Best Used Boat Notebook

From the Pages of Sailing Mazine, a New Collection of Detailed Reviews of 40 Used Boats plus a Look at 10 Great Used Boats to Sail Around the World

Book Description

With the used boat market growing and becoming more complex, here is the book that all boat buyers have been waiting for: John Kretschmer's Used Boat Notebook has long been one of the most popular features in Sailing Magazine where Kretschmer provides a hard hitting, detailed review of a well-known boat each month.

In this new collection, Kretschmer dedicates each chapter to an individual boat, providing the same fine details and updated information that made his magazine column a success. The thoroughly researched reviews of the 40 most popular boats include owner insights, a guide to common problems and suggestions on where to find parts, advice and support. There are plenty of books that offer general information on what to look for in an offshore boat, but only this book focuses on the specifics a prospective buyer is looking for.

About Kretschmer, John

John Kretschmer has been a sailboat delivery skipper for over 25 years and has made over 100 deliveries. A contributing editor to Sailing Magazine and a regular contributor to the Miami Herald, he also wrote Flirting with Mermaids, published by Sheridan House. He currently lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with his wife Lesa and their two daughters.