Understanding Weatherfax

A Guide to Forecasting the Weather from Radio and Internet Fax Charts

Book Description

How do you turn the symbols on a weather chart into a meaningful forecast? Armed with Understanding Weatherfax and a current weatherfax chart you have all of the essentials for making your own forecast, no matter where you are in the world.

New to the Second Edition: Satellite images, interpreting early warning signs of storm development from satellite images and case studies on the 1991 'Perfect Strom' and the 1998 Sydney to Robard Race.

Also: Receiving equipment, interpreting synoptic chart features, personal forecasting, world weather patterns and tracking and avoiding tropical storms.

About Harris, Mike

Mike Harris has spent the last 14 years cruising in interesting places while writing and developing software for cruising sailors. His micro-office is his boat, a 45 foot steel cutter which he built himself. www.pangolin.co.nz